About Medtrox – The Virtual Hospital

Medtrox is dedicated towards the welfare of the people and to make a closely knit community of doctors and patients. Today, the average lifestyle of a human being is fast-paced. In this fast-paced lifestyle, people ignore their health that leads to several health complications. At docprime, we aim to be the guide and the helping hand to ensure better health for everyone and help them at each step towards health improvement. docprime aims at connecting people by providing them with every piece of information they need to secure themselves and their familys well-being. Assessing health issues, consulting experienced medical practitioners and storing health records are few services offered by the company. Not only are we dedicated to providing a better health to people, we also ensure that they get easy access to countrys best doctors in the most convenient and affordable ways. On our way to creating an experience truly prime for users and healthcare experts, we overcome multitudinous challenges almost every day.

Affordable :

We offer our multiple services at an affordable price. We aim at making health care services easily accessible and affordable to ensure that patients do not hesitate while consulting doctors online.

Safe :

We work round the clock to ensure highest levels of data security. With our platform, the records of both, the patients and the doctors are safe. Our separate infrastructure ensures that the provider’s data and the consumer’s data are isolated from each other.

Straight Forward :

The docprime platform is easy to navigate and has a straightforward approach. The minimalist design of the website ensures that the consumers can find the information for their reference swiftly and effortlessly.


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